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Saturday, 4 January 2014

red and ready tee

Over Christmas I thought I might refashion this turtle neck t-shirt I had. I only wore it a few times because the neck was far too tight. But as it was red, it really needed to get some use and give some holiday cheer.

So, I chopped off the neck. As you can see, before I remembered a before photo.

Then I tried it on. Okay...looked like it was more than just the neck that was tight! I will spare you the image. ;-)

So, now that the holiday is over, I decided to get on with making it work so I can have a warmer t-shirt the rest of the winter and it will be ready to go for next Christmas.

I had some scraps of a darker red t-shirt fabric given to me by a friend, so I did a bit of chopping and a bit of adding and a bit of let's see if I can make the neckline interesting. and voila!
I put the collar on in an asymmetrical way just for something different.

Another pose to show that there are also an added stripes from hem of top up and through to hem of sleeve on both sides. The cuff is added in a similar way to the collar because I chopped off the existing cuffs.

(Here's hoping a lose a bit of this Christmas' over-indulgence and it will fit even better!)


Elizabeth Hill said...

Great save! I really like those stripes!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

AliceSAysNo said...


Jennifer Elliott said...

I love the stripe down the middle and the matching cuffs. Great job!