Sunday, 1 May 2016

Heat n Bond Appliqué Refash

This is my 1st attempt at using Heat n Bond to make my own appliqués. Let me tell you I will definitely repeat it! I have unlocked a whole new world of refashioning!
DSCN0357For my 1st trick I started with this sweatshirt that I got from my roomie and some fabric I got in the reminant section at Hobby Lobby.
DSCN0366I ironed on the heat and bond to the wrong side of the fabric with the paper side up.
Now don't do what I did...make sure the heat n bond lines up with the fabric and not over the sides because then you'll end up with this boo-boo...
DSCN0369Now after the fabric has cooled it's time to draw on the design of your appliqué.
DSCN0373I chose hearts for this project.
DSCN0374DSCN0380To adhere your applique to your project, peel off the papwr backing and iron for a few seconds until the applique is attached.
I repeated the process 2 more times:DSCN0358Bicycle print, love it!
DSCN0376 DSCN0381Ironing!

My 3rd project I made for my roomie:DSCN0359She LOVES sugar skulls!!!
DSCN0401Besties in our awesome new shirts!!!
My new bicycle shirt!

Happy Refashioning!!!

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Vintage Accessory Refashion Fix

I thrifted this amazing crinoline slip. Made in the UK. It fit but it was too long for any of the dresses I wear. So I needed a refashioning fix. Its not exactly like my other refashions because its more like a functional fix than a style fix.

I decided I would shorten it from the top so I chopped off the elastic waist and then I chopped off some more length.

Next I folded the top over and pinned it. I made a large fold because I needed space to fit the elastic back in.

Then I sewed that down but I left a two inch space open so I can put the elastic back inside the new waist band.

Next I got out a knitting needle, scotch tape and that elastic piece. I taped one end of the elastic to the tip of the knitting needle and pinned the other end to that opening in the waist band.

I stuck the knitting needle through the waist band until it came out the other side. Then I pinned together the two ends of the elastic and sewed them together.

Next I sewed that opening closed.

Now its short enough to wear under my dresses AND the length is adjustable- I wear it around my waist to keep it shorter and for longer dresses I can pull it down to sit on top of my hips.

Here it is without a dress

And here it is with a dress!
To see all the images of the process please check out my blog entry about this project!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Too Tiny to Pretty in Pink!

I found this dress that was a really pretty pink color. But it had one tiny problem... it didn't zip up at all.

I let out the seams in the top and then cut out the middle to make it short but full. 

I love the way it turned out! 
Happy Sewing!

a new shirt !


I made a refashion with my friend Elisabeth.

We turn a shirt into a  gorgous jaket.



Fo more, it's HERE

Sweater to Pillow Refash

This is a pretty easy yet functional refash!
I recently picked up a sweater at my local thrift store during the .50 cent sale.
I have been hanging onto a purple pillow for the last 5 years, waiting to recover it.
Before: just a sweater and a pillow.
DSCN0384I cut the sweater across just under the sleeves.
DSCN0385Then I ended up with this square of fabric. To cut down on sewing I kept the original sode seems of the sweater.
DSCN0387Pinned and sewed the top and the bottom but leaving a hole at the bottom for the stuffing.
DSCN0388See: hole for stuffing.
DSCN0389Stuff, stuff, stuff!
Then I hand stitched the hole.
DSCN0397My new pillow!
DSCN0398Our wonderful friend, Karl, modeling my new pillow for me! Thanks Karl :)
Happy Refashioning!!!

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