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Saturday, 20 September 2014

A no-sew white dress fix

I don;t look well in white and I have a bunch of dye from my mom that I would like to use up. I dyed this white dress navy blue using RIT dye, then took a little off the bottom. The results are truly a refashioner's dream- the lace didn't take leaving a wonderful mix of colors.
More info on my blog here.


Sewing Mojo

Do you ever lose your sewing mojo? Sometimes I'd just rather separate unwanted clothing into buttons, lining material and fabric (or just change my mind and re-charity shop it!And not bother with the noisy sewing machine! This was another no sew...
It started out as a skirt that made me look like a librarian but I love chiffony fabric. I just cut of the outer layer and used it as a scarf, fluted skirts are ideal for this as they drape nicely. Quickest refashion ever! I will use the other layer for a new skirt but it's best to wait for inspiration!

Friday, 19 September 2014

A Refashion Necessity

Hello All,

Not much of a refashion here but it was still a big accomplishment for me in my current one footed state.  :-)

Happy Refashioning,

Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab

NikolaLuigi Refashion

Me again!
A dress that looked like bed linen, gross.
A need for a casual and cute top.


You can see photos of the process and the story here.

I wore this for a charity comedy night, to help the 1st Chertsey Scouts to raise money to build a new hut for their group, so if you want to donate too, please read the blog post above and click on the link in my blog :)

Bling It On!

In my ongoing obsession with refashioned jewelry, I present to you these lovely little barrettes a friend gave me to re-purpose. It's been a good 20+ years since I've worn barrettes, let alone sparkly ones, but these are mighty cute.

Barrette Necklaces - Before

With a little help from my wire cutters, pliers, and jewelry-making supplies, I found a way to make them a bit more age-appropriate.

Pink Barrette Necklace - After

Green Barrette Necklace - After

To see how I did it, check out the full post on CarissaKnits!