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Monday, 21 April 2014

Pintrest Inspired Shoes

I didn't take a pic of shoes  'before' but they were just like this but a little worn in

I found my inspiration outfit on Pintrest. I did look for orange shoes online but the cheapest I found was around $80.00. I felt that was too much to pay for something I would occasionally wear.

I researched shoe makeovers online and there are a lot of tutorials out there on how to spray paint shoes. But it has been too cold to do that outside. So I tried to paint them with enamel craft paint...which DID NOT work. Don't even try it - the paint will crack. I was about to give up hope when I found leather paint online. I thought that the risk was worth $15.00. And you can get a color palette on Amazon for around $30.00.

I peeled off the enamel paint and cleaned them up with acetone. I then
 applied 3 coats of the leather paint. I let them dry for 24 hrs in between each coat. I applied 1 coat of Modge Podge. I wore them today and the paint did not crack. This paint is amazing and looks great. I see more painted shoe projects in my future.

After (please excuse the dirty insoles)

90s Floral Dress

Here's another piece from the clothes swap last autumn - a stunning early 90s number in navy floral with a quaint little lace collar.

90s Floral Dress - Before

I knew this was the perfect choice for an Easter holiday cookout this afternoon.

I chopped off the top and created new straps out of the sleeves.

90s Floral Dress - After

Then I shortened the skirt and used that remnant to make a sash.

90s Floral Dress - After

More details can be found over at CarissaKnits!

90s Floral Dress - Before & After

80's Frock Redo

Hey Refashion Co-op'ers!   I haven't posted in a while, life sure gets busy doesn't it?  As one of the founding members of Refashion Co-op, it is a delight to see how far this blogging community has come.  It has come to a point in my own journey where I have had to step away as one of the Editors of Refashion Co-op, due to work and family commitments, but I hope to still share some of my own refashions when I can.

Here is a fun refashion that I did with super talented Marissa of New Dress a Day.  We both sent each other a frock for a refashion swap across the seas, Marissa in California USA and myself in Melbourne, Australia.

Marissa sent me this blue 80's number complete with big shoulder pads and frills:

And here is what I did with it:

:: after (top) ::
:: after (skirt) ::

I cut the dress in half and put in an elastic waist to the 'skirt', and transformed the top half into a sleeveless top with contrasting pink bias binding using Coletterie's free Sorbetto Top downloadable pattern.

Despite the dress looking quite horrific to start with, its fabric is actually really lovely, and both pieces are a pleasure to wear.

You can see more here, and also have a look at the piece that Marissa completed too.


Friday, 18 April 2014

Red Herring Dress

When I picked up this rayon, tie-dye-esque dress at a clothes swap last fall, without even trying it on, I thought for sure I was going to chop off the top and make it a maxi skirt.

Red Herring Dress

But when I tried it on, I was surprised at how well it fit (though it did not flatter) and at how comfy it was. So I decided to chop off the bottom instead. About a foot shorter and paired with my beaded leather belt and gold wedges, this baby looks much better.

Red Herring Dress - AfterRed Herring Dress - After

See more behind the scenes action at CarissaKnits!

Red Herring Dress - Before & After