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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tartan bomber jacket

When I spotted this blue tartan bomber jacket in a thrift store, imaging me throwing myself at it, like an American Football player at the ball. No, ladies don't do that, I walked rather fast to the rack and grabbed it.
I have noticed tartan jackets in fashion, and I knew that with a few minor adjustments this could be awesome.

My before picture has been lost. Imagine old, worn out, pilled ribbing in a pale, faded sort of bluegrey colour. And matte, cheap platic buttons.

I replaced the ribbing with black ribbing (also at the cuffs)
I liked the jacket so much, I broke my rule no. 1, when it comes to refashions: No additional cost, except for basics like thread and elastic: I bought 9 beautiful metal buttons that gives the jacket that little extra.
They don't show well here because of the flash fades them.

They show better here:


The awesome Popsugar tartan bomber jacket, I drooled over costs $1000, this only cost me 90 Dkr. (app. 13$, 6$ for the jacket and $7 for the buttons).

Too Long, puffy sleeves and way too small, this dress has them all!

I found this amazing vintage dress and snatched it up immediately. The sleeves were amazing and I absolutely loved the color. I needed a dress that was fancy enough to wear to a wedding as well as one that I could dance in.
The back was even prettier... except that this dress was WAY too small.  While I could get my arms through the sleeves, the armpits were REALLY tight. The neckline choked me and it wouldn't zip up at all...

After letting out all of the seams, and taking off the sleeves, I was able to fit into the dress! 
And now the back of the dress zips up!

The dress had a huge circle skirt so it twirled fantastically while dancing. 

You can check out my step by step process here !
Happy Sewing!

The Sensational Shower Curtain to Raincoat Refashion

Ahhh, the joys of Autumn in Berlin: humid with that odd little chill that creeps into your bones topped off with non-stop drizzle & mist from the sky. The perfect weather for a light enough to layer, completely waterproof yet totally funky raincoat…but where does one find such amazing outerwear?

You make it of course, my darlings!

Snag a waterproof fabric shower curtain + a few buttons from your stash & head on over to Confessions of a Refashionista for the detailed step-by-step tutorial.

NikolaLuigi Refashion

Another holiday refashion.

A bit of dye and a lot of love made a sweet holiday top!

You can view the before and the process here!

I know this isn't a great photo of the top, but the boyf has all these on his phone. I shall put the better photos onto my blog so you can view them by clicking on the link above! Thanks all

En mode protect

Pour un défi j'ai fait deux réalisations pour mettre mon cou bien au chaud cet hiver . Pour cela j'ai recyclé un plaid et une tunique et utilisé des restes de tee-shirt en dentelle .
Voici les matériaux de base :

et ça donne ça :

et ça :

La première réalisation ne me satisfait pas mais j'aime bien la deuxième.
Et vous ça vous plaît ? vous pouvez en voir plus Ici 

Elisa Elisa