Friday, 27 November 2015


I had some fake fur that I wanted to work into this piece today.

I cut the sleeves off and trimmed the sleeves and neckline with the fur.


It was starting to get a little over the top, so I didn't fight it and just added the sleeves back on.

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Thanksgiving Day Dress

Thanksgiving is a day to spend with friends and family and reflect on the things in life you are thankful for. I have many many things that I am thankful for which includes each and everyone of you, my dear readers!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of fun and lots of yummy food!
 Pretty frumpy huh!?

This dress also came with this vintage broach, which was actually part of the reason that I bought this dress.

I removed the undesirables: shoulder pads and long sleeves.

I hemed the bottom by taking off 7 inches.

Then I had to hem the lining by 5 inches.

I put on some festive Jamberry nail wraps for the occasion! 

I added a black belt and black shoes and I was all set to go celebrate with family!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Happy Refashioning!!!
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A Pink Plaid Shirt Even A Teen Girl Could Love

Hello Refashion Co-op. My project today is a pretty pink flannel shirt that my daughter liked but wouldn't wear. It was too big, too baggy and too shapeless.

The sleeves were to long too. They got in the way when she worked. It could have been used as a loose jacket type shirt, but she wanted it to fit. She really liked the color and material.

Could I alter it to fit well enough to satisfy my daughter? I find it's harder to sew for others. I narrowed the body by about 4 inches and I also took in the arms about an inch. Once I did that I didn't need to shorten the arms.

She was very happy with it and wore it to school. Thank you for reading, now go make something fabulous for yourself.

red blouse remade

 I got this red blouse from the euro rail, it was silk and stained, and red (and very had to photograph red!).  I took it apart and recut, to make a blouse with tucks at the neckline, with back zipper opening.  I am always surprised when silks are discarded, and normally its because they are stained, so I usually launder in wool/silk hand wash, (dont soak) and then rinse with some white vingear in rinse water to make sure there is no soap residue, and steam iron gently.............. I also got a thrifted piece of tweed to make a matching skirt, more on my blog

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Gandhi Tote Bag

I was recently at a clothing exchange party and scored this t-shirt. It was too tight on top and very stretched on the bottom but I loved the statement it made. I had a freebie swag bag that was not overly fashionable with a company logo. So I decided to combine the two.

I cut out the text on the front and back of the t-shirt and strategically placed it over top of the Lexen Logo on the bag. I also kept the tag from the t-shirt to place on the bottom to make it look more professional. I then pinned the pieces onto the bag and found some bright orange thread to match the text color and zig-zagged stitched it on. 

I will now wear this bag proudly with the statement from Ghandi. 

Also, after cutting out the text from the t-shirt, I still had plenty of material left over. Trying to waste as little as possible I decided to use the rest of the uber soft material to make a cover for my heat pack. A few posts ago I made a cover for my meditation eye pillow and someone made a comment about using that same process for a heat/cold pack. I happen to use mine all the time and thought that was a fantastic idea.. thank you!

This time instead of making the insertion point the centre of the cover I decided to try making it pillow case style and keeping one edge long to fold over and tuck inside, it worked well. 

This old, unwanted t-shirt will now be enjoyed as two separate items. : )