Have you refashioned something old into a new Halloween costume? Well, we'd love to see it! Throughout the month of October, we invite you all to share your best costume refashions. Let's get inspired!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

There's a New Sheriff in Town

It’s that time of year again! Time to pull out a few thrift store finds from the bottom of the pile and create a fun costume for Halloween. My motto is quick and easy these days so I kept it pretty simple.

I started with a homemade fake suede skirt and a Roper dress that was a little too much of a good thing, but perfect for a sheriff costume.

Click here to see the entire tutorial over at The Renegade Seamstress.

Onesie and pants from two old shirts: even better this time!

Well, here's another oldie but goodie. I found this one when I was cleaning out my kids' closets. I got a few items of kids' clothing out of these two old shirts of mine. I loved the fabric and the colours and the print - they were even better the second time around.
Here is what the shirts looked like before:

Here's the onesie and pants that I made out of them, using the online tutorial that I linked to in my last post (here it is again, in case you need it:

You can see that the sleeves of the long sleeved hoodie ended up as the legs of the pants, and I used the raspberry stripey shirt for the body of the onesie, with some scraps from the hoodie as the binding:

Pretty cute, eh? My daughter is five now, but I've kept this outfit, she wore it so much, and so did her little sister - waiting for somebody special to pass it along to! Stay tuned for the sweater I made more recently out of the hood and scraps - my three year old is still wearing it!

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Ankara dress

I started with this gorgeous ankara top, but the sleeves were tiny and pinchy. So I took them off - easy peasy! Now it can be worn as a top/mini dress  OR as a skirt. It is so cute, I love it!

#1 Fall Core Wardrobe: Upcycled "Teacher" Dress

RanchHouse Sewing Goal: *Refashion 10 Items for "Work" Fall Core Wardrobe.
This is #1.

 "Work" Fall Core Wardrobe:
*Up-cycled from Pre-retirement stash. Retirement did not take; I accepted consultant work.
*Needed for:
   -Casual Work / Early Childhood Center visits; think playgrounds and 3 yrs. olds
   -Travel / 4 weeks/ four states/ six flights/ pack light.
   -Great Lakes Region; as cold as our Texas winters.

Before:  Dress made years ago from "teacher" skirt. The Paisley top and sleeves had gotten too tight.

After: Up-cycled "teacher" dress to wear in Early Childhood Center visits.

*Found scraps from when I made the dress many years ago.
*Altered to fit. Side panel added to bodice and sleeves. Cuffs changed to wide elastic band.
*Dyed lace and old formal lining in a dye pot leftover from another project.
*Added stitched in lining/slip made from old formal. I like stitched in slips in travel dresses so the slip is not forgotten in packing.

What I Learned:  Keep the scraps!!!!

Fall Core Wardrobe Dress
To wear in Early Childhood Settings
Think: playgrounds and 3 yrs. olds.

After: Side panel added for added size.

After: New Elastic cuff.

Before: Tight cuff.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Calling All Costumes!

Happy October everyone! We, your Refashion Co-op editors, would like to invite you to celebrate Halloween season with us! Throughout the month of October, we'd love to see your best costume refashions. Halloween is the perfect time for refashioning. Who wants to spend big bucks on something that will only be worn once? No one, that's who! So let's get to sewing!

I'm proud to kick us off with what is probably my favorite refashion project to date! Two Halloweens ago, I made a Cinderella costume (the pink gown her evil step-sisters ruined, not the blue one from her Fairy Godmother) out of an old wedding dress and two dated bridesmaid dresses - all of which were free to me!

Refashion Runway Week 5: Halloween - Before

I layered the dark pink skirt over the white skirt. I adjusted the bodice of the dark pink dress to fit me. The light pink dress was used for all the details - the bows and the sashes. From the remnants of white, I made the shoulder straps and a little bow for my store-bought headband ($1). I also made a necklace with some beautiful blue glass beads ($3). Throw in some thrifted pink shoes ($4), and that comes to a grand total $8! Try finding a deal like that in a costume shop!

Refashion Runway Week 5: Halloween - AfterRefashion Runway Week 5: Halloween - After

You can check out my original post here! And I'm looking forward to seeing all of your costumes!

Refashion Runway Week 5: Halloween - Before & After