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Friday, 29 August 2014

Funky Maxi dress to a dress and skirt

My biggest issue with maxi dresses is the fact I am tall and usually they are never long enough. Never. This one was almost manageable but the problem was there was not enough walking ease for my long legs.

Instead of adding a slit, which I had initially planned, I decided I would actually wear it if it was not a maxi. So one cut and some sewing, I had a shorter dress perfect for lounging around and a easy skirt.

Dress part 1 here, skirt part 2 here.


NikolaLuigi Refashion

As you all know, I love to dye my old clothes. So if you love to dye clothes too, and love seeing the transformation, you will love this refashion!
You can check out how I went about making this, and photos of me wearing it out and about (in rainy woking!!) here.

Breezy Summer Dress

As summer is winding down, our weather is heating up.  It's been quite hot and humid here in Hawaii.  I'm one of the few lucky ones at our school who gets to work in air conditioning.  It's a privilege that I don't take lightly, and I enjoy it as much as I can because there's no AC in my home.  So, on the weekends, I like to dress in light airy clothing.

Luckily, I stumbled across a vintage 60's dress at Salvation Army a few years ago.  It's been my go-to dress for weekend errands and the beach.

I love this dress so much that I used it as inspiration and a pattern for my latest refashion.  Luckily, I had the perfect Tori Richard dress to work with. Here's a before and after.

If you want to find out more about how I constructed this dress, check out my blog.  Feeling Kinda Thrifty

One for me, one for you

I forgot to take a “before” picture, but once upon a time this was one long skirt.  I bet you’ll take my word for it, right?   I found it at a thrift store (of course) and it was half off (of course) and it was the wrong size (of course!)
The fabric is quite nice, and the ankle length gave me enough fabric to cut it into two pieces.   The top portion has the original zipper, and I opened up the waistband so I could cut out a chunk of elastic.  I turned a size 10 women’s skirt into a size 7 girls skirt in just a few minutes!  A quick hem and skirt #1 was complete.

The bottom 2/3 of the skirt was now too wide to fit around my waist, so I sewed it onto a 2 inch wide black elastic, stretching the elastic as I sewed.  It didn’t go as well as I hoped.  It it very uncomfortable up against my skin.   I love the paisley purple print, so I might re-try the elastic in hopes for a more comfortable finish.   Any tips from people who have used the elastic as a waistband?
Amy Jo at The Little Moments

Taking It All In

My husband and I had a little get-away this past week, so I didn't have much time to squeeze in my sewing allotment (am I the only one who gets a little twitchy if I don't sew something every so often?). So I just grabbed a couple pieces that only needed minor tweaks.

These boring khaki slacks I picked up secondhand a couple months back, but I never actually wear them. I would if they were skinnies though! And the pale pink blouse I've had for a couple years now, from when I was a bit heavier. All it really needs is a quick re-fit too.

Pink Blouse & Khaki Skinnies - Before

I simply turned both garment inside out and put them on. Then I carefully pinned the side seams of the shirt and the side seams of both legs before extra carefully taking them off again. A few lines of stitches, and I had a new outfit for our vacation!

Pink Blouse & Khaki Skinnies - AfterPink Blouse & Khaki Skinnies - After

Come see me at CarissaKnits for more pics and details!

Pink Blouse and Khaki Skinnies - Before & After