Friday, 1 July 2016

When the wax moths do their thing...

I made myself a wool skirt, and I loved it and wore it for years!
Unfortunately the wax moths loved it too....and left about a dozen of their calling cards:
So it was relegated to the refashion pile.  And we might do something else with it, but today it found the perfect use as a photo prop in our Living Skirt Art Series!
See it there around her waist?  Please come over to Skirt Fixation for all the details on this art recreation and many more!

This Is A First For Me- No Pattern!!!

My toddler has recently gotten a larger bed and now her old bed sheets don't fit. Well the top one still does but there is no hope for the fitted sheet... or is there? I have decided to take on a seriously challenging refashion for me. I want to turn this sheet into a dress! I have never made anything with or without a pattern though. Because this is challenging and a lot harder than I expected I have not finished this one yet. Im going to post it anyway though in hopes I can get some advice and suggestions from you lovelies. Once I finish it I will come back and either update this post or link to the next phase of this refashion. So it will be like part 1 and part 2!

Heres the sheet. Its a "Frozen" bed set.

First I cut off the elastic band:

Then I cut into the corners so it would lay flat:

Then I got out on of my toddlers dresses to determine the size of the neck and arms. Note: I am NOT going to make a copy of this dress- just using it for sizing. I plan to make more of a mumu style dress with no sleeves.

I got out my fabric pencil and started tracing.

Next I folded it in half with the intent of cutting so that both sides are the same. But I didn't cut yet! I stopped there because I thought I better seek advice before moving on. Just in case.

So- any helpful advice for someone who isn't a super great sewer and has never used a pattern?

Update coming soon!!!

The perfect short dress

I found this amazing cotton dress and loved the pattern. The sleeves were the perfect length but it was just a little too long to be worn in my daily life.

With a simple cutting of the length, I now love this dress!

My tutorial can be found here!

Happy Sewing!

Modern Fannypack

My dog ate the strap off from my favorite purse. I combined hardware from an old belt to the bag and had an updated Fannypack. So much cuter than those old 80 style ugly ones. I swore I would never wear a fanny pack again, but I quite like how this one looks. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

TBT: Consignment Shop Copy

I saw the most beautiful green silky blouse at my favorite consignment shop a few years ago... and I passed it up because $14 (at that time) was just too much from our petty cash fund leftover after bills... That's sad, I know, but it truly was...

I found this at a thrift shop for .99 cents instead.

I really loved that Emerald Green blouse I saw on consignment and I wanted to copy it in some way, of course. It wasn't until I turned this thrifted dress inside out that I figured out how to do it!


I swear I didn't notice the reversible-ness of this when I bought it. This Emerald Green color was the exact same as my consignment shop beauty!

So, I took it in a little bit at the sides and then (using a pattern actually), I made sleeves from the bottom scraps of fabric.

Then, right sides together, I sewed the new sleeves into the arm holes of the main shirt.

Don't sew over your pins! :)

I used a rolled hem to finish the new bottom edge and and voila!

All you can do is take my word for it, but this is nearly identical to the consignment shop shirt I loved so much!

Being silly

Happy Throw Back Thursday, Y'all. If you want to see my original post for this, click here :)