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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

WP_20131115_15_59_27_ProSomehow, a permanent marker (which I have banned from the house, car, trailer, my life)  managed to get a hold of a new shirt and leave a blue mark.   It was stubborn; it was a $3 shirt.  I didn’t get mad, well maybe a little bit mad at the contraband marker sneaking its way into my house.

WP_20131205_15_23_00_ProI salvaged the pretty little flowers from the ruined shirt by ironing some heat and bond to the back of the flowers, then cut them out.  Next, I found a red dress which ALSO had permanent marker lines on the chest area.  (Apparently, I need to increase my surveillance on writing utensils around here.)

I strategically ironed the flowers in place, then sewed them down so they won’t go anywhere.  There were a bunch left over, so Grace pulled out a skirt that needed a little something extra and we ironed and sewed them down too.

Love Amy Jo at The Little Moments

Twice the fun with Boho Chic!

Last week's challenge for Refashion Runway was Boho Chic.  What a fun and carefree style!  Of course, growing up in Eugene, Oregon (voted the most hippie friendly city in the US), and still living a stones throw away, I am very familiar with the hippie influence of this style.

I was able to make two different blouses, both from dresses, and both with lost "before" pictures...darn that delete button!

After the second blouse was sewn, I used Copic markers to color in the lace.

More pics can be found on my blog, Second Chances By Susan.  Thanks!

Refashion for Vacation

I needed a beach cover up for vacation. Since my New Year's Resolution was to not buy any new or thrifted clothing until I went through my refashion pile, I had to refashion one. I had this dress from 2 summers ago that I haven't really worn since. Partly because it is a bit short for me. But the light knit fabric was perfect for the beach. This one was easy because all I did was to chop off the sleeves.

I also did another quick refashion for vacation. I was gifted this nightgown which I loved because the fabric is so soft. But I really don't wear nightgowns, so I considered this for my beach cover up. But decided to go with the above cover up and use this one for a shirt.  


             And finally I refashioned a pair of capris that I never wear into shorts. I bought the shirt last year but my daughter asked if I made it! I will definately  use it as an inspiration for a refashion in the future : )


The Crafty Disaster: Pinterest Closet, Chambray Dress Refashion

Hello! This week I made an old dress into the perfect chambray shirt over on my blog. It was inspired by a  pin on my Pinterest! All I had to do was chop it off and serge up the pockets and it turned into the perfect shirt!!!!

Before & After

Check it out at The Crafty Disaster

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Toddler onesie from adult t-shirt

Well, here's one I did a while ago, and I realized that I'd better post it before my daughter gets too big to squeeze into it! I used an old t-shirt and a bit of stretch fabric I had leftover from another t-shirt that I'd cut up already. I followed this tutorial - it was my first try at binding, and I was quite happy with the results:

It's getting a little small on her already (like I said, I did this one a while ago), so stay tuned for the refashion of the refashion! (I'm thinking chop the bottom, add a skirt!)

Thanks for reading!