Saturday, 30 July 2016

All Doily-ed up

I love how hot this summer has been so far! I haven't had a nice hot summer for a while, but with saying that I had few warm tops to wear! I picked up this one thinking I would use it as supplementary fabric for another refashion, but I fell for the small collar and odd embroidery. I pretty much ripped all the seams besides where the neck attaches to the front. I attached the sleeves to the sides for more flow, and with adding a doily to the back created a light racer back look.

For more information and photos about this refashion you can take a gander at my blog post. As always till next time stay creative!

Friday, 29 July 2016

The Umpire Strikes Back!

I have always like black and white stripes, and used to wear them a lot when I was younger. However, recently, due to some teasing comments from my sons (see my blog), I have developed a "block" about sewing with/wearing them.
I still love those stripes (on other people), so when I was given a pile of unwanted clothes, I was happy, and sad, to see a striped blouse. It was a great style, with an open V-neck at the back. I tried it on, hoping I could get over my stigma, but nope!
Also, in the pile was an unworn black T-shirt. It was nice and long with a V-neck. What to do, what to do……??
That’s when I decided I could handle being a ref from behind!
I cut the sleeves off the T-shirt, and cut down the side and shoulder seams, separating the backs and fronts of each garment, but keeping the blouse collar intact. Luckily the shoulder and side seams were almost the same length, so just needed minor tweaks to match. 
I cut 2 strips from the back of the T-shirt, folded them over and serged onto the front armholes. Then I stitched blouse back and T-shirt front together. I just topstitched the collar onto the V-neck of the T-shirt.
It pulls on easily because the front is jersey, so no need for buttons.

Ghosts of Shoulder Pads Past

I swear every time I go into a second hand store I fall in love with a blazer/coat/blouse and it has sky high shoulder pads. I swear some can double as sleepwear...meaning the pillow is on your shoulder! I found this jacket a few weeks back and fell in love with the pattern! 

Look at these shoulders I am far from impressed, but with a change in the dress code at my workplace I am in need of a few blazers. I will fully admit that I was terrified to undertake this refashion, but I couldn't wear it as is so the risk was worth it.

I'm sorry I really should have moved my hair to give you a good side by side comparison, but I think you can tell that the shoulder on the left is very straight and the one on the right is sloped.

Here is another side by side attempt. Along with taking the shoulder pad out I took in the shoulder by pulling the shoulder and arm in and sewing it in a semicircle rather than the pointy elliptical that it was originally. 

Overall I am quite happy with this refashion! I definitely think it is far more wearable and modern now! If you would like to know more about this refashion please visit my blog post. I actually did the post as a three part shoulder pad eviction! As always till next time stay creative! 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Polka-Not to Ploka-Hot

I started with this polka dotted number. It was decent to begin with just needed some slight changes.
I didn't touch the length because it was already bordering on too short. I added elastic to the waistband to give it more of a shape. I had to take the sleeves off because they were an awkward length and it's hot here! 
The different pattern pieces are pockets!! I'm a sucker for dresses with pockets! 
Please ignore the tree stand it was right after christmas😂😬 
Thanks for looking and if you want to see more refashions and more step by step photos head on over to My blog

The Butterfly Dress

This dress was the next item that inspired me from my gifted bag of un-wanted clothing. I loved that it had a hood on it and was super light weight material. I decided the dress needed some darkness, so I also chose this black athletic top to alter. 

Then I got to work transforming..

Step #1
Parts of the hem on this dress were furling up on the bottom so I decided to use that to my advantage and sew the hem up giving it a more un-polished look.

Step #2
I cut off the bottom part of the dress from the top, and cut the black top in half under the bust. Then sewed them together keeping the original stitches from the dress. 

Step #3
The dress was very wide and had no shape whatsoever, so I took it in on the sides by a lot and gave it a bit of a curve to make it a little more shapely. 

Step #4
I cut off the sleeves by the elbow and gave them a hem with a double line stitch to match the original sleeve cuff. 

Step #5
I now needed to attach the hood. I cut the hood off of the dress with a one inch allowance. I wanted to keep the collar of the black top and the dress so I doubled up and sewed the hood collar right next to the black top collar. I thought this looked kinda cool. I wanted it to be different.

Step #6
The material of this dress is very clingy so I took another article of clothing from the bag. This long, tan colour top to attach to the inside as a slip.

(inside out with slip attached)

Step #7
I didn’t quite like how the dress attached to the shirt under the bust, so I made a strip of black material sewed into a tube to cover up where the two materials meet as to even out the line. This made a big difference. 

Since this dress is very casual I paired it with black tights and casual shoes. This is usually not my style but for some reason I felt inspired to take it this way.