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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Warm and Woolly

Here are a couple of jumper-to-cardigan refashions i did to keep me warm at work over winter:

First this woolly, slightly felted thrifted turtleneck -
cut down the middle, some nice big wooden printed buttons added and buttonholes sewed:

Also a cream jumper (no before pic) - sliced down the middle, facing added, and a button and loop closure. i also added a couple of colourful buttons on one sleeve as a nice bit of detail.

Thanks for reading! xx

A Denim Pinterest Challenge

This month was all about the denim baby. I took a pair of jeans that I didn't like the fit of, but loved the embroidered and bejewelled details.

With lots of chopping and even more sewing I ended up with a fun skirt. This is a fun idea to do over any pencil skirt; the more wildly patterned the better!

For more detail on how I created this (with all the ups and downs), check out this link to denim power.

Friday, 17 April 2015

dress to tunic - butterick 5191 to simplicity 1364

refashion dress to tunic
I made this dress last year, and could not bring myself to complete it fully as - there was a flaw in the fabric, and also when I tried it on it was quite frumpy.  Simpliciity have a blogger sewing challenge currently so I opted to try one of their patterns.  In the middle of sewing, I managed (with no great effort it seems) to put a hole near the neckline.  I have rescued it for the moment but may undo this and try a collar or contrast fabric. more details here

3 refashions for the price of 1!

Today I'm going to give you a quick catch up post of several things we've been refashioning!
First there was this bag my daughter made from a skirt:
And then there was a shirt I made, but didn't like so I refashioned it!  You can see the before photo here.  And here's the after:
And then there are all those jeans with holes in them.  I've been cutting them up and making quilt squares!  
So if you want to see the refashions as we make them, please come visit us over at Skirt Fixation!

Six Foot Scarf

How many different ways can you use a scarf to jazz up a dress?

Well, here are a few that I came up with.  You can see all eight on my blog too!