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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It's actually a dress

I had some trousers I bought from a charityshop as the fabric was a lovely mouse grey with a sheen.
before. very pretty but tiny,
it was even ripped at the seams
 I only had intended to make this 80s blouse bigger (it was XS) ... I cut off some of the material at the bottom (it was a tunic) and sewed as panels to widen. And then I got carried away and made it into a dress - I never make dresses! I made a skirt from trousers - unpicked, re-sewed, added darts, attached with a zigzag stitch to the hidden hem fold. It is open at the back where the blouse skims over - just for ease of putting it on, even though it has buttons. I just prefer 80s prints ok! fancy sleeves or sleeveless is the way i go!
The scoop back: high waists and weight gain just no... ! Cool that we can refashion to our own preferences

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

NikolaLuigi Refashion

A simple yet fabulous new number from the refashion wardrobe! I didn't like the sleeves on an old black top, and I didn't like the shape on a stripey top, so I swapped the sleeves and voila!!

You can check out this creation, and photos of my evening in with pizza and boardgames, here.

Princess Dress

Started with these fairly hideous fuchsia coloured velour jogging pants... (yes that is strange beading inexplicably attached to the hem of the pant leg...)
With the addition of some stretch knit fabric I had in my stash, I was ready to make this princess dress...

Still planning some use of the beaded section - meh. maybe for my next project!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Fit to be tied tank top

This refashion was based on the book Custom Couture, which I got sometime last year. I had fallen for this top idea. After picking out an old tank top and a scrap of fabric, I realized something got lost in translation with the instructions and I had to wing it on my own. Basically you create  a tube, sew it on, add elastic to the bottom. Add a bow.

I just need to pair it with another pair of shorts. The red is not working for me. More info on my blog here!


Maxi Skirt into 50s Skirt

I bought this skirt from eBay for a bargain price; the fabric really caught my eye! Whilst I think it's quite nice in it's original format, maxi skirts aren't really my style so I wanted to make it into something a bit more retro.

The skirt was quite large, so there was a lot of fabric here for me to work with, I chopped off the top, gathered the raw hem and attached it to an elastic band.

Here is the before and after photo:

The skirt came with a fabric belt which I have decided to use as a scarf to add to the retro effect, and I will wear the skirt over a petticoat to give it fullness.

The full tutorial can be found here.