Monday, April 24, 2017

Professional Silk Jacket / Blazer to Silk Vest

#71 Back to School Wardrobe
REFLECTIONS: Pre-retirement wardrobe included many professional suit jackets.
  • With limited arm movement even when new,
Re-fashioned to vests, with free arm movement.
  • Versatile to dress up or down with wide variety of separates. 
BEFORE: Silk suit jacket from pre-retirement professional wardrobe.

  • Seam rip the sleeves.
  • Cut and insert a side gusset from the sleeves and sleeve lining.
  • Cut and attach a sleeve armcyle facing from a t-shirt strip.
AFTER: Versatile Silk vest for the Spring wardrobe.

AFTER: Versitle Silk Vest 

Love silk fabric

Beige t-knit arm facing
 to match garment fabric

Professional suit jacket
Side insert cut from sleeve
enlarges smaller jacket

BEFORE: Restrictive Arm movement

IN THE WORKS: Green silk blouse 

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Aqua Tunic

This tunic started out as a slim fitting men's shirt.  I loved the color and small checks.  If you notice in the before picture that the shirt is hanging from tree branches, it's because we were camping when I did this refashion.  Yes, I brought my sewing machine camping!  I have to admit, though, after years of tent camping, we now enjoy "glamping" in a travel trailer.

I removed the collar and the sleeves.

I cut a scoop neck.

After cutting down the width of the shoulder seams, I added a couple of higher darts to the bodice and then reattached the shortened sleeves.

I cut away the button bands on both sides of the shirt front, and then added a 6 1/2" wide piece of white fabric.  I then made an inverted pleat at the top.

I finished the neckline with some bias trim cut from the excess sleeve fabric.

I added a few square buttons that mimicked the check in the fabric.  To finish the tunic, I cut off some of the length and added a new shirt tail hem.

I'm pleased with the way this one turned out and think it will be a nice summer tunic!

If you would like to see more tunics in this series, you can visit my blog, Second Chances by Susan.  Thanks!

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XXXL Black leggings to Black Knit Capris

#70 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS: Six weeks till end of the school year.
  • Lots of Field Days, Field Trips, and Day Camps
  • Need casual, cool capris, but not shorts.
BEFORE: Black knit leggings 3 XXXL. 
  • Lands End from the Re-fashion stash.
  • Wide elastic band looked easy to just pull and tighten.
  • BUT, the waistband elastic was so heavily blind stitched that it took two TV nights to pull out the stitching. . 
  • The elastic was stitched into the waistband seam so the whole band had to come off.
  • Seam rip a lot to get the waist band off. 
  • Then seam rip a lot more to get the elastic free.
  • Re-attach the waistband.
  • Insert a shorter and more narrow elastic due to the new more narrow waistband casing.
AFTER: Black knit Capris. Ready for end of school year fun.
AFTER: Capri size knit with a tighter waisband
Ready for end of school Field Days and Field Trips

BEFORE: 3 XXXL Knit Leggings
DURING: Waistband removed,
old black elastic,
new more narrow / shorter elastic

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Dress and a Bolero

Every Easter I like to wear a "new" dress to church. I bought this Maxi Dress (for .99 cents) and intended to wear it as-is, but there was a little problem...

A lil too much skin in the back...

I decided to cut some length off from the dress and make a Bolero shrug to cover the crochet.

I've been on a Maxi Dress kick for a while, but I do like the new high/low hem. Sometimes Maxi dresses can be too hot in the Summer.

What I like the most about this bolero is that it's completely optional. Instead of inserting a modesty panel in the back that I would've been stuck with permanently, I can wear or not wear the bolero (to fit the mood of my modesty du jour) :)

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Click here if you'd like to see my full tutorial


Grandpa’s PJs to Summer Boxers

#69 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS: Six weeks till end of the school year, so thinking about summer wear.
  • Summer at the Texas RanchHouse is hot.
  • Love to sleep and lounge in boxers and t shirts.
BEFORE: Men's PJs gifted by family
  • Fair game for me.
  • Some went to the rag pile due to wear.
  • One smaller set was pieced to enlarge pants.
  • Cut legs and sleeves to shorten. Serge and hem.
  • Wet and iron dry Rick Rack  from the stash to pre-shrink. 
  • Top stitch center of  Rick Rack. Hand tack the points. 
AFTER: Ready for end of summer: 2 sets of summer PJs and 2 pair of boxers.

AFTER: Summer PJs with RicK Rack

AFTER: Summer PJs 

AFTER: Summer Boxers with Rick Rack
Enlarged with side panels
cut from worn top

AFTER: Summer Boxers with Rick Rack

AFTER: Summer PJs with Rick Rack

AFTER: 1st try: Too plain without trim

BEFORE: Sad Mens PJs

BEFORE: Family gifted Mens PJs