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Friday, 1 August 2014

Pencil Skirt

This $5 dress had definite potential, but the fit was all wrong. Also, the center back seam had come undone a bit and the bottom of the zipper was poking out. I decided I would get a lot more use out of this piece as a skirt.

Grey Pencil Skirt - BeforeGrey Pencil Skirt - Before

I chopped off the top and folded down the waist panel to create my new waistband. I shortened and relocated the zipper. And I used bits and pieces of fabric to create belt loops.

I paired my new skirt with my new floral blouse and a hot pink belt. They're the perfect colorful compliment to the conservative grey skirt.

Floral Blouse - AfterFloral Blouse - AfterFloral Blouse - After

More details and photos can be found at CarissaKnits!

Grey Pencil Skirt - Before & After

T-Shirt Boxers

Hi All!
Been meaning to make some little lady boxers that I could wear under shorter skirts and dresses for modesty's sake ;) Here I made a pair in orange to match a dress I've been working on. The fabric was gleaned from a men's large t-shirt.
First, I traced a pattern onto wax paper - copying a pair of boxers I already had. I then cut out the pattern pieces from the material.
 Here's the finished pair. I inserted elastic at the waist. Modesty preserved!

Dress To Shirt

Before: nice dress that I bought at a thrift shop. I liked it as is, but thought that I would get more use out of it as a shirt

 I just cut off some length and hemmed. Easy : )

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Large Men's Shirt into a Retro Dress

Hello again! This is my second contribution to this blog, and once again my refashion has a retro theme to it.
I started out with a large, over sized men's shirt that I can be seen sporting in the photo on the left.

It looks more like a robe on me, but because there was so much material to it, I was able to fashion it into a retro style sun dress! I did add a slither of plaid fabric to it from my collection to brighten it up and give it some detailing.

I utilised the button and hole strip that was already on the shirt to act as the fastener for the dress, and I used the sleeves to add volume to the skirt part.

The full tutorial can be found on my blog Lola Nova.

It comes up quite short on me as I'm rather tall so I'd probably wear it with leggings.

Until next time,


a tee shirt become a shirt

I'm so late !!! Sorry !
Ths is a very simply refashion for my little girl.

Just on cut ! But it's very cool ... because of the fabric.

Visit my blog HERE.