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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Gingham Frogs

This big ole' gingham had pockets everywhere!

I decided to take it in on the back at the waist to taper it into a pencil skirt. 

I fitted the sleeves a little too and loved the classic look it took on!

To see the whole thing, come visit my blog!

Refashion Runway Challenge 2: Gingham

This weeks challenge was to refash something using Gingham pattern. I was very excited for this challenge because I love this pattern! I love this classic pattern, it reminds me of the 1950's, picnics and most importantly this image from Invashion of the Body Snatchers..
 Everytime I watch this movie I think to myself 'I love this dress! I should make one!' Now thanks to this challenge I had the opportunity (and motivation) to make something similar!

I started with this pretty white dress (which I actually liked as is, and felt bad cutting it up) and some gingham pajama pants that were 4x too big for me.

And this white strapless top.

I removed the seams from the pajama pants.

Removed the ruffle from the top.

Sewed the pants into a skirt.

Made my own bias tape because apparently JoAnns does not sell red gingham bias tape...which I think is very silly and HIGHLY inconvenient!

Used a little scrape of material to sew onto the front of my top.

Pinned and sewed my newly made bias tape and scrap of material to the top.

Sadly cut the poufy tulle from the dress.

Measured some elastic to fit my waist.

Pinned and sewed a new casing for my elastic.

Pinned and sewed my top to my new bottom.

Sewed the front of my dress into a v. You'll see why soon...

Hemmed my new dress!

Added awesome square buttons!!!

Added hook and eyes to my tulle skirt....

Here we are! My picnic ready gingham dress!! Compelete with a thrifted vintage purse!!

Just enjoying another day at the boat!

Happy Refashioning!!!!
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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Refashion Runway - Week #2 - Gingham

Here is my week #2 submission for the Refashion Runway Challenge Hosted by The Renegade Seamstress.  See all of the week 2 submissions and vote here!

Refashion Runway Week #2

This dress started out as a duvet.  I LOVED the colors so I turned it into 2 dresses!

You can see both dresses and read a step by step tutorial on my blog.

Both dresses came out great and I even give a little tutorial on shirring!


Getting into Gingham...

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all loving the Refashion Runway as much as I am!! This week's challenge is gingham (which you probably already know). It's not a print I've worked with before, so it was good to have the excuse :)

At the same time as buying the pink XXL men's shirt, I also bought a white lacy ladies top... here's the shirt;

Here's part of the process, shaping the shirt into a dress... with a bit of Rod's help, obviously!

I played about with trims, and finishes, before realising I was running out of time!!

Here's one of the 'After' shots taken in a lovely park near my house...

...and the Before and After!

Have a look at the whole process on my blog, and voting is happening all this week - check out ALL the ladies' fabulous entries on the Renegade Seamstress blog!

Happy Refashioning!
Gema x

Floral skirt

I found this skirt at the thrift shop. I think it was a strapless tunic, it had those clear straps for hanging in the closet. I did try to wear as a skirt as it, but it was a bit too loose and I had to keep adjusting it throughout the day to keep the elastic shirring from showing.

I tried to cut the elastic thread but made a small hole in the fabric. I decided to cut my loses and proceed with a different strategy. So, I cut off the top ruffled edge, hemmed under and inserted elastic. This took maybe 10 minutes. Now it will be more comfortable and easier to wear as a skirt.